Sunday, March 26, 2017

Treasures & Dulcimers

Yesterday was the Treasures of the Earth Green Goods, Craft & Art Fair.  This fair of mine has the theme of things made of recycled or natural materials and there was 25 awesome artists who took on the challenge and even use those materials for all their work.  Pottery, jewelry, plant terrariums, paintings on wood and stone, wooden bowls and cutting boards, driftwood items, and more.  Good job.  Check again next March.

This May 6 is the Dulcimer Day in Duluth festival.  More information at

Check out the 2017 Up North Excursions Bus Trips.  These day trips explore the Northland's art, music, nature, and history.

Happy spring!  Cloudy day but the sun will come out tomorrow.   Where have I heard that before?